Top Home Appliances for 2011 - 2012 

Best Home Appliances

How to Pick  the Top Home Appliances for Your Home

Congratulations on your new home! There is no thrill like finally owning your very own house. One of the most exciting things about moving in is having to shop for the Top Home Appliances for your new or remodeled home. We all know that this is costly, which is why you need to be careful in picking out the right appliances for the new house. Remember that it is a purchase that you would want to last for as long a time as possible. Here are tips to help you choose the best fixtures and appliances for the new house: 

1. Before going to the appliance store, make a list of everything you need. 

The things you need for your house would depend on several factors. For instance, what size and colour of refrigerator will go well with your kitchen design and space? How much capacity should the heater be if you are 6 in the family? How big is your kitchen top counter space and will it accommodate the microwave oven of your choice? Would you prefer a gas stove or an electric range? Make sure that you consider your needs to be more important than your wants. 

2. Invest in energy saving appliances 

Remember that a good chunk of your family income goes to your monthly electrical bill. Lighting, for instance, makes up 10% of most electricity bills, and the rates can go higher. If you want your monthly expenses to be as low as possible, invest in energy saving appliances. They are often quantified by star ratings which is a standard for efficiency. Many of these energy efficient appliances may cost slightly more than ordinary appliances. However, if you consider the energy savings, the initial additional cost is well worth it in the end. 

3. Check out reviews, testimonials and consumer reports. 

Try to narrow down your choices to certain brands. Be open to the concept of buying appliances of not-so-popular brands. Try to consider other brands as they may offer great savings and better efficiency. Make an informed comparison and try to view their technical specifications. You should also check out reviews and consumer testimonials regarding a model you are interested in. The Internet is a good place to do your research. 

4. Shop around for the best deal 

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it would greatly pay off if you shop around for the best deals. Try to visit at least three appliance stores and ask for quotations. You may even try to negotiate for prices, especially if you are buying many appliances. Furthermore, check if they can offer you instalment terms if it is more favourable for you. Timing is also a good factor when purchasing appliances for your new home. There are seasonal sales and promotional offers in appliance stores that you can take advantage of at certain times of the year. 

With all the appliances, brands and models in the market today, new homeowners are wise to take their time before making that final choice. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that you get only the best appliances for your new home. 






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