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 As a homeowner there many things you can do to keep your air conditioning equipment running efficiently. These proactive suggestions can be implemented by anyone.

  1. The number one thing a homeowner can do to maintain their air conditioning equipment is to change the filter. If the filter becomes clogged with dirt or debris, it restricts air flow. Without proper air flow the system has to work much harder to achieve the desired room temperature. Eventually the evaporator coil will become clogged and the end result can lead to an expensive coil cleaning service.
  2. Use pleated air conditioning filters. Pleated filters, as opposed to fiberglass filters, trap much more of the dirt and dust circulating in the air. Not only will your equipment stay cleaner, so will the air you breathe.
  3. Wash down the outside condenser. This is the piece of equipment located outside of the house in a split system. Be extremely careful and use low water pressure so the fins aren't damaged. It is a good idea to have a professional perform this task the first time while you watch. Once you see how it's done it is easy to repeat the process. It is extremely important that you keep your condenser clean because you must have air flow for the air conditioning system to work properly.
  4. Make sure the outside condenser is under shade in the mid and late afternoon. If the condenser is in the shade it is much more efficient because it is cooler. The function of the condenser is to cool the refrigerant within the condenser coils. If the outside unit is not under shade in the afternoon, it is a good idea to plant a tree to provide the shade. Go to the local nursery to find out which trees are recommended in your area.
  5. Keep bushes trimmed away from the air conditioning condenser. Do not build fences or plant shrubs next to the unit.The condenser needs air to be able to function properly.
  6. Have the air conditioning system serviced annually by a qualified technician. If the unit is low on refrigerant it will not cool properly. The end result is the equipment will run longer which leads to unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment and higher utility cost.  

Utilizing these simple, low-cost maintenance tips can help you get the most out of your equipment.

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