How to Fix My Washing Machine | Washing Machine that Won't Drain 

How to Fix My Washing Machine


How to Repair a Washing Machine - Tips On How To Fix Your Faulty Washing Machine

Faults and washer failures can leave us feeling aggravated and defeated. Most of us dread the cost of washing machine repair. I suppose this is the reason why many people are forced to learn more about their washing machine.

Not all washing machines are created in the same way. You should check the model and the brand of your washer first. If you still have the user manual, this should help you locate the parts of the washer that you might have to repair.

Most washers have common problems. They also have common fixes.

Code Errors

There are different types of code errors. More often than not, code errors are caused by the inability of the machine to fill up with water in the allotted period of time. The long fill error can be caused by debris blocking the water valve or something clogging the water filter.

If your washer has been gradually slowing down in filling up with water, the cause can be collected dirt. Try checking the water filter. Pull the machine away from the wall and check the filter. Remove the filter and soak it in soapy water. If hard minerals have collected, try soaking it in vinegar. This will help loosen up the debris. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to remove collected dirt.

Also check the water valve if something is blocking the holes. Poke the valve holes with a small rod or barbecue stick. After cleaning, test the machine if it is already working.

Drain Problems

If the washer has problem draining water, it might be caused by damaged pump. Small pieces of clothing might be stuck in the pump. Check the pump for signs of small clothing such as handkerchief, underwear or socks. Check the propeller as well. Remove the small clothes and test the machine again.

Also check the drain pipe. It might be caused by lime build up or mold build up. After siphoning water out, try mixing a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Pour the cleaning solution down the drain pump. Wait for it to dissolve build up. Gradually pour water into the drain and check if water is already pumping out.

Noise Problems

The noise can be caused by an unbalanced load or an unbalanced washing machine. Balance the load of the garments. Also check the balance of the machine. Make sure all 4 feet of the machine are standing firmly on the floor.

If an unbalanced load and washer are not the issue here, you can try checking the washer belt. Open the front or the back panel of the washer where the belt is located. Check the belt to find out if there are damages. If there are torn parts, you might have to replace it already.

Follow the instructions on how to replace the belt of your washer model and brand. Make sure you get the right belt replacement.

Hot Water Problem

The hot water is not working. If this is your problem, you might have interchanged the valve for the hot water and the cold water. Try checking the installation of these parts. Make sure you install the hot water valve to the right socket.

Some consumers also have problems with the hot water of their washer filling up continuously. This might be caused by a damaged hot water valve. The valve for the hot water might be stuck open. You can try replacing the valve with a new one.

I also suggest turning off the water source after using the machine to make sure that the machine will not cause leaky problems. If you are at home and your washer broke down, you might come home to a flooded laundry area.

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