Best Washer and Dryer 2013 

Best Washer and Dryer 2013

Best Washer and Dryer  - Washing Machine Reviews - 5 Top Washers

There are a lot of interesting tidbits of information in the washing machine scene as of late. There are various washers that are going to be introduced come 2013. The question is, can the washing machine afford to have more room for new ones?

You will be surprised to find some great brands offering new washers with spiffier features. Here are some of the ones to look forward to this 2013:

Miele W3740

Miele is hardly a newbie in the appliance market. They are one of the trendsetters, in fact, so it is no surprise to find out that they have something new up their sleeves. Although the whole look of this machine is nothing we have not seen before, it can be considered as a breakthrough because of its newer features. It is the perfect choice for people looking for a machine that is very easy to use. The programmable functions of this machine are easy to use and understand. Also, it comes with washing presets that will enable you to wash laundry you cannot wash before in your machine such as your huge comforters, pillowcases and even your shoes.

Xeros Waterless Washer

Waterless washers, seriously? This is the newest innovation. It has water conservation prowess unlike anything we have seen in the previous washers. It washes your clothes through nylon beads wherein your laundry is spun and tumbled to get rid of stains and similar gunk. You can also conserve energy since it dispenses the need for a dryer.

Integrated Washers

The integrated machines are those purposefully built in your washer. It can easily fit your cupboards. If you want your appliances all to be integrated in your home, especially your kitchen, check this one out.

Asko WCAM1812 Front Load All in One

If you are not fancying those machines that are considered a struck of genius, you can always go for this new one from Asko. It has relatively normal functions such as 1200 rpm speed and 10 wash presets. It has internal moisture condenser that allows your machine to use the moisture inside to create heat in order to dry your clothes.

Frigidaire FTF2140FS Front Load washer

This one is also good when it comes to conserving energy. Many experts like its 950 RPM speed which enables it to spin clothes efficiently but without wearing the functions of the machine too much.

You should look for any of these machines if you want to change the current washing machine you have right now.

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