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Looking to remodel your kitchen and are thinking about the sink? There is much to consider. 

Currently there are three primary types of kitchen sinks: self-rimming, under mount, and farm. You may want to consider the faucets you like when selecting a sink as the wrong faucet style can completely destroy the aesthetic value of your chosen sink style. 

For the budget minded individuals, rimmed kitchen sinks are the most common and the least expensive type of kitchen sink. Self Rimming sinks have a rolled edge that is mounted over the countertop. Integral sinks are an interesting concept. The countertop and sink are all one material and blend seamlessly into each other. 

The first time I saw it I was struck by its simplicity but also by the odd impression of seeing no sink at all. This type is obviously not for the budget minded, as single piece countertop/sink combinations can be rather expensive. 

For a more upscale look consider stainless steel. More popular than ever, the stainless steel sink is the perfect compliment to the 'professional' kitchen that boasts stainless steel appliances. The most common kitchen sink, whether it be a surface mount or under-counter mount is made of stainless steel. 

There are mounting considerations; a free standing sink can be purchased as a surface mount, where it has a rim that is visible on top of the counter or an under-counter mount, which, as the name implies the sink mounts under the counter and there is no visible rim (this is the latest most fun option).  

Sturdy solid construction is important not only for durability but also if you are going to add that fabulous modern convenience called a garbage disposal. You don't want that rattling beyond tolerance. If pressing down on the bowl causes it to bend and flex, there is potential for increased disposal noise. 

As you can see there is much to consider from a design and construction standpoint before you blindly buy a new sink. We suggest consulting a variety of design books, websites and home improvement stores for further research. 

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