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Best Samsung Refrigerators


Best Samsung Refrigerators - What is the Best Samsung Refrigerator for Your Home?

 The Samsung Refrigerators have much to offer in India through their five different ranges of refrigerators that strive to appeal different tastes and requirements. While those fashion forwards and huge stockers of food would prefer the French door refrigerators, the more economical ones would like the direct cool refrigerators. Samsung refrigerators boast about their patented Twin Cooling Technology that keeps food fresh and tasty by using two evaporators and two fans to maintain the refrigerator and freezer compartments independent of each other, a feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

Types of Samsung Refrigerators:

• French door:These Samsung Refrigerators conveniently fit into narrow spaces while still appear elegant with their sleek and stylish looks. The refrigerator with 33" of space boasts its patented Twin Cooling System, ample food storage space, automatic ice-maker, easy handling, consistent temperature, no frost, LED interior lighting, and big box drawer. Currently there are two models available: Samsung RF62NEPN and Samsung RF67DEPN at a price range of Rs.65,000 and Rs.80,000 respectively.

• Side by Side:A marvel to look at, these Samsung refrigerators have a storage capacity to accommodate a large catering affair, a house party or even stock up on family favourites. They are a perfect combination of convenience, performance and sophisticated style. And to top it up additional features are available such as cool select zone, multi air flow, and LED display and control.
Price Range: Rs.53,000 to Rs.117,000

• Bottom Freezer:The innovatively designed bottom mounted freezer in this range of Samsung refrigerators offers high ease and convenience without having your kitchen cooled every time you reach for your daily consumables. The range offers two distinct models that contain certain features such as multi flow, no frost, digital (LED) display, and even a water dispenser in one model. Samsung RL62SBTS can be bought at Rs.57,000 and RL41WCPS at Rs.40,500.

• Frost Free:These double door Samsung refrigerators with a freezer mounted on top are integrated with unique moisture control technology that retains freshness for a longer period of time. You can choose from a wide range of 36 different models.
Price Range: Rs.14,000 to Rs.57,000

• Direct Cool:These Samsung refrigerators have been awarded a BEE 5 star rating making them the most energy efficient Samsung refrigerator range. You can choose from 10 distinct variants.
Price range: Rs.10,200 to Rs.15,000

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