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What is a GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a space-based satellite navigation system used to provide time and location information anywhere or near on earth. The GPS satellites are maintained by the government of the United States. It is primarily used by the Defense Department of the United States but today, anyone who has a GPS receiver can access some information provided by the satellite. GPS is widely used either by the government or common people all over the world. It also plays a major role in modernizing the air traffic system.

A GPS navigator is considered a must-have for every driver. It provides detailed information on the road about a certain location in real-time. A driver who has a GPS device connected on his vehicle is almost impossible to get lost. Because of this, GPS devices become an indispensible tool for everyone who's behind the wheel.

But because of the increasing demand for this kind of navigational device, many companies are there making mass production. The GPS device today is far different from its predecessors. The first GPS navigator was very expensive and only few people can afford to have it on their vehicles. According to the best GPS navigator reviews, the GPS device before is bigger than the normal size of today's models and also heavier. The old GPS device is as heavy as a brick.

Modern GPS device is quite smaller and lighter. Even though they trimmed off the size and weight, they put on added features on the device. Some models that are featured in the best GPS navigator reviews are Bluetooth enabled, have currency converters, world clock and JPEG picture viewer to name a few. Because of the growing competition in the market, prices are continuously going down. In less than a hundred dollars, you can buy a decent unit in amazon. But how would you know which model is the right one for you?

According to best GPS navigator reviews, there are many factors to consider in choosing a GPS device. First, you should know first how much you are willing to shell-out for that kind of device. From there, you can start looking for models, specifications and features you want in your GPS navigator. But one feature you should never take for granted in choosing your GPS device is the screen size.

According in best GPS navigator reviews, the most favorable screen size for GPS navigators are the 4.3 inch screens and 5 inches screens. Devices that have smaller screens are much cheaper but not recommended. The information displayed on small-screened device is usually crammed and ineffective during travels. GPS that have screens bigger than 5 inches may tend to block the view if it is attached in the windscreen. Experts say that the best screen size for a person who has a good vision is 4.3. This size is much cheaper than the 5 inch model. But if you have a bigger pocket, a 5-inch navigator is better.

Having a good GPS device can make the driver's life easier. If you want to get the best device at the best price you can get, just look for best GPS navigator reviews and compare. After all, reliable and honest reviews are buyers' best friends.



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