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Best Fridge Freezer or Top 10


Best Fridge Freezers - Top Fridge Freezer Reviews For Your Home

 Which freezer brands are the best? When rating fridge freezers, it is important to rate them according to a number of factors. Those factors include but are not limited to price, cooling power of the freezer, cooling power of the fridge, the uniformity of temperature within the fridge and freezer, how fast and easy the freezer defrosts, and lastly, noise levels. Average life expectancy should also be calculated. The annual cost of running the fridge freezer makes a big difference as well. Sometimes the cost gap between brands is small. Sometimes the annual running cost of one is almost 200% more than another. By comparing these factors one brand to another, it is possible to find which brand is best for your particular situation. Here is a list of some of the top brands, as rated by users, in the fridge freezer industry and their unique selling points.


Kenmore definitely makes a good fridge. The solid make of each refrigerator guarantees its long life. The thing that makes Kenmore a good brand to choose a fridge freezer from is that they follow up a great fridge with top of the line service. It is surprising, but among thousands of user reviews online, many more users rated Kenmore fridges above huge names like Samsung and Electrolux. While it is a surprising choice, Kenmore deserves every bit of acclaim it has received from its users for providing them with a good fridge and excellent service to boot. Kenmore makes side by side fridge freezers as well as fridges with top mounted freezers. Quality features and reliable service make Kenmore a favorite for Americans.


This brand is most well known for making power tools, but they sure know how to make a good refrigerator. Because they only have a limited number of models of fridge freezers so far, the choices are few, but the satisfaction among customers who have bought those models has been high. The percentage of customers who have rated Bosch fridges well for quality are so high that the company has decided to invest in developing more models. On a raw note, these fridges can knock out your savings account with one blow, so if you are a stingy buyer, you are not going to like Bosch fridges.

General Electric

GE is one of the most trusted fridge brands in America, and probably in the world as well. GE has been around a long time, and really knows how to develop appliances. The company has a huge selection of hundreds of models, so narrowing down the search may take awhile. Innovative special features make GE fridge freezers a favorite among users. Features in many models include indoor water filters, gallon size door storage, and led lighting, among other things. The GE brand is tried and proven for durability. If you buy a GE fridge, you are guaranteed to get something quality that will stand the test of time.

Kitchen Aid

The Kitchen Aid line of refrigerators is one of the most high quality lines there are available today. Like Bosch fridge freezers, you will find their price a little high, but you can be assured to get a deluxe appliance that will make up for it in comfort. The Kitchen Aid brand, which was acquired by Whirlpool in the 1900s, is a luxury brand with fridge freezers in a number of French doors and side by side models. If you are looking for a good quality fridge that will also cater to your need for comfort, style, and design, then Kitchen Aid is for you. If you are not worried about price, you will not care about the initial cost or the high annual running cost.

Other top brands of fridge freezers include Sanyo, LG, Maytag, Norcold, Jenn Air, and Magic Chef. Each of those brands has many models of fridges. It would be impossible to say exactly which brand is the best because within each brand there are lines of fridges and within each line, there are hundreds of models that need to be considered. By looking at the above list of some of the best brand names in the fridge freezer industry, as rated by users, hopefully you will find a place to start on your quest for the right fridge freezer.

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