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The Best Fireplace Designs- Tips on How to Choose the Best Fireplaces

Fireplace designs are blueprints or illustrations for imagining what your ideal fireplace would look like. You can purchase these, or you can find them for free if you dig. Fireplace designs are beautiful and varied and appropriate designs can improve efficiency of fireplaces and add beauty to homes and hearths.

The first factor to be considered when designing a fireplace is the material used. Oak mantle is a nice option for a home with oak wood decorations. For outdoor designs, cast iron and aluminum are better choices, as these materials are long standing and dependable.

Secondly, one has to decide on a particular style, which depends on the room size and available space. Build-ins are ideal if available designs can provide only a dominating or jutting fireplace. Build-ins have cabinetry or shelving matching the walls.

Another aspect to be considered is the size. A large room with high ceilings needs a fireplace designed of larger size.

Finally, when designing fireplaces, the type of burning mechanism is important. The burning fuel can be natural gas, propane, EPA certified wood, coal, or pellet. Gas fireplaces are better choices if natural gas is used for heating. If natural gas is not used, it is better to place propane tank behind the chimney. As electric fireplaces are easily removable ones, these fireplaces are well-suited for apartments, condos, high rise buildings, and homes that are small in size.

A properly designed fireplace is a worthy addition to any home. When designed using right materials, textures, and colors, it can enhance the elegance of the house.

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